Blog Three... Woofas

One of the most common questions we are asked is .....................................

"How have you managed to A) get your garden up and running and B) how do you manage to maintain it so " ?

And the answer is with WOOFAS ! 

Woofas come in all shapes and sizes, ages and standards. They are not to be confused with either WOOFER 1) = A loudspeaker that reproduces lower audio frequency sounds (although some do) nor with WOOFER 2)  = Unattractive female (no comment).

The woofas that we have and use are HELPERS that offer their services in exchange for their board and lodging.

Originally this work would have only been on organic farms (WOOF = World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) but now it could be anything. 

Although most helpers are probably in their twenties or late teens, often around university age, we have had helpers here well into their sixties and where they may lack agility they have had an abundance of wisdom and experience !!

Now with the internet the system works very well. We use two web sites, HelpX and WorkAway and hosts can see references from potential helpers and helpers can see references of potential hosts.

So, there's the answer to how we manage to keep the garden .... a lot of hard work and the help from a lot of woofas / helpers ...... of whom many become good friends. Many thanks to you all.

Below from the top:                                                                                    

Jess from California who liked climbing and here collecting oranges

Stu & Sharon from Cornwall, England who came with camper van, guitar and homemade beanies

Mike from North Carolina on top of the world (well Sierra Lujar 1880 m)

The helpers Totem Pole.