Bzzzzz Bees Are Coming ...... !!

July 24th 2016, latest update:

We have tried unsuccessfully to attract some local bees to our new hives although having started 'late' Lee did say that this was a possibility. So the next step will be for Lee to bring some bees up from the coast. Not sure when this will be happen but should be soon ..... ish. Keep you posted.

Lee, from the coast (see on FaceBook 'Miel man Andalucia ( mr Miel), is leaving a few hives with us. To begin with empty at first to see if we can encourage any 'local' bees to come and colonise but failing that then to introduce some new ones. 

So, soon we will have our own Las Chimeneas honey  and when we have sufficient stocks it will be on sale in the Shop.

Watch this space !